29 October, 2021
47 entities participated in the course "Keys to relate with the media to strengthen coexistence".
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26 October, 2020
Are we less supportive?

This was the starting question of an interesting 'Tertulia' held on 10 October on RNE on the programme No es un día cualquiera, directed by the journalist Carles Mesa. Along with Ana Ruiz, spokesperson for the Pact for Coexistence platform, Francesc Núñez, sociologist and lecturer at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya [...]

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6 April, 2020
Riay Tatary, representative of the Muslim community in the Pact for Coexistence, dies

The member organisations of the Pacto de Convivencia platform are sorry to announce the death of Mr. Riay Tatary Bakry, president of the Islamic Commission of Spain (CIE) and, as such, representative of the Muslim community of our country in this Platform. At this time of grief, we would like to highlight the figure of Riay Tatary as a person who was [...]

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17 February, 2020
13 February meeting with the Hate Crimes Prosecutor to address criminal intolerance

The Platform met last Thursday 13 February with Mr. Alfonso Aya, Prosecutor for Hate Crimes and Discrimination of the Supreme Court. It was a cordial and intense working session, which helped us to better understand the circular on hate crimes issued by the Prosecutor's Office. With a focus on prevention, [...]

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13 December, 2019
COP25: The agenda of agendas

Pacto de convivencia has had an important presence at the COP25 climate change convention in Madrid. Particularly relevant was the participation of its members in the event entitled The agenda of agendas on 12 December, dedicated to "highlighting the need for the agendas of all organisations [...]".

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11 March, 2019
In the key of peace

On the European Day of Victims of Terrorism, we invite citizens to use music to generate acts of remembrance for all victims of any form of terrorist violence by adding their voice to the project En Clave de Paz: Música para la memoria, la convivencia y el bien común (In the Key of Peace: Music for memory, coexistence and the common good). In the Key of Peace [...]

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4 November, 2018
At the World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace in Madrid
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22 March, 2018
"Stop Hate, Defend Coexistence". Visit to the Auschwitz exhibition

The Plataforma Pacto de Convivencia remembers the victims of hate crimes in the exhibition 'Auschwitz. Not so long ago. Not far away' In the framework of the Week for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights The event aims to warn about the growth of hate [...]

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17 November, 2017
At the G20 expert meeting "Preventing Radicalization".

Pact for Coexistence participated in the G20 expert meeting Preventing Radicalization on 13-15 November in Berlin. This international conference was hosted by the German Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) as part of Germany's presidency of the G20 in 2017. The event [...]

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