Pact of coexistence
We seek to strengthen ourselves as a civil society in terms of coexistence and social cohesion.
Pacto de convivencia is an initiative whose common objective is to strengthen us as civil society in terms of coexistence and social cohesion, aware that a plural, inclusive society committed to human rights is the best antidote to terrorism, violent radicalisation and all forms of exclusion.

Pacto de Convivencia was born as a response to the terrorist experience in our country. Entities representing often conflicting ways of thinking, we signed a pact and committed ourselves to work together as a way of honouring every day the victims of all forms of violent radicalisation and their families.

This space of encounter and work between such different ways of thinking and entities was only possible when we focused on the real suffering of the victims. In honour of them, empathetic dialogue, mutual recognition, shared knowledge, working in parity, generosity, trust, transparency and mutual help are the values we have taken on to shape our agenda.

Since March 2016, the Mesa Pacto de Convivencia has been meeting regularly with the fundamental objective of constituting a stable network that implements joint strategies for the prevention of violence and the promotion of tolerance, coexistence, peace and reconciliation.

Lines of work
The Coexistence Pact Committee: Meeting and working place for all the participating entities. It is held every two months.
Joint action protocols
Training seminars
Awareness-raising actions



We, the undersigned members of the Pact for Coexistence Platform, express our absolute rejection of the military invasion of a sovereign country, the bombing of its civilian population and the violation of fundamental rights. Neither now nor ever, neither in Europe nor anywhere else in the world, is there any reason for the use of violence as a strategy to achieve personal or governmental ends.

We make an urgent international call for an immediate cessation of military action and the opening of conflict resolution strategies in accordance with international agreements and international humanitarian law.

We urge our political class to act in unity and with a high sense of statehood to facilitate the best decisions in the face of the conflict. The international community, including Spain, must contribute to paving the way for peace.

We call on Spanish society to actively contribute to coexistence and peace:


1.Choose peace always and work towards it.

Violence is never the solution to conflicts. On the contrary, it aggravates them and delays lasting solutions. Human rights and human security must be at the centre of all decisions. Commit to respect, dialogue and non-violent conflict resolution strategies. Reach out to people you know through personal, educational, business, professional links. Encourage them to promote a culture of peace in their environments that contributes to reducing tension. Participate in initiatives and mobilisations that defend peace as the only way forward.

2.Inform yourself truthfully and completely beyond the networks.

Disinformation is a weapon in conflicts. Be critical of the information on your social networks, objectively analyse the news in the different audiovisual media and read newspapers of different signatures. Contrast it with the testimony of people and organisations working on the ground.

3. Practice solidarity and don't change your gaze to hate

Collaborate with all the organisations working in the humanitarian response to the conflict and urge the authorities to sign international agreements on the reception of refugees. Also help people in need in your area.

In our country there are many families with strong links to war zones. Cultivate relationships of appreciation and support that foster social cohesion in our country. Do not contribute to social breakdown by identifying people with the irrational actions of certain governments. Do not produce or disseminate messages against migrants.

 4. Builds social trust 

Take care of your language and your relationships with others. Build trust through conversations that facilitate the expression of emotions. Value the mutual support that, in situations of conflict, always sustains life. You will generate psychological security in the face of uncertainty.

 5. Keep hope alive 

The younger generation has suffered an unprecedented economic crisis, a global pandemic and now faces an unprecedented war scenario. But all generations have been able to cope. It reinforces hope, a culture of resilience and mobilisation for peace among young people.

They sign this communiqué:

Archbishopric of Madrid

Madrid Bar Association

Islamic Commission of Spain

Coordinating Committee of Spanish Development Cooperation Organisations (Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Cooperación para el Desarrollo de España)

Crue Spanish Universities

Diakonia Spain

Federation of Evangelical Religious Entities of Spain (Federación de Entidades Religiosas Evangélicas de España)

Movement Against Intolerance

Council for Victims of Hate Crimes and Discrimination

Pact of Coexistence 2020
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