Image from the programme "Are we less supportive?" on RNE.

That was the starting question of an interesting 'Tertulia' held on 10 October on RNE on the programme Not just any daydirected by journalist Carles Mesa.

Together with Ana Ruiz, spokeswoman of the platform Pact of CoexistenceFrancesc Núñez, sociologist and lecturer at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), and Jaime Rincón, owner of Casa de Comidas Carmela in Madrid, which is part of the 'Meals for all' initiative, took part. It was very encouraging to hear many of the stories of solidarity experienced in the spring. However, the urgent need to strengthen solidarity networks, restore mutual trust and promote a culture of agreement needs to be reiterated.

You can listen to the podcast in this link.

Pact of Coexistence 2020
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