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Tribute to the victims of the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. First public appearance of the Pact for Coexistence. Saturday 16 September at 11:30. Forest of Remembrance, Retiro Park.

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The Pact for Coexistence Platform pays tribute to the victims of the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks in Madrid

The Plataforma Pacto de Convivencia, made up of representatives of collegiate institutions, universities, religious denominations, NGOs and other civil society groups, will meet on Saturday 16 September to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. The event will take place in the Forest of Remembrance, located in Madrid's Retiro Park, just one day before the one-month anniversary of the attacks in which 16 people lost their lives and more than 100 were injured.

Under the slogan 'With the victims, in defence of peace and coexistence', representatives of all the organisations that make up this platform will read a communiqué and make a symbolic gesture by making a puzzle symbolising peace and coexistence. In addition, a minute's silence will be observed for the victims and their families. The event will end with the performance of the song 'Despertar - Canción de paz' by the composer and singer Noemí García, who, together with a choir, will honour the victims and call for peace in the world.


11:30h- Arrival of the representatives of all the entities. Followed by a group photo
11:35h- Presentation and reading of the communiqué
11:40h- Time of silence in remembrance of the victims
11:45h- Tribute gesture: Pact of Coexistence Puzzle
11:50h- Music for Peace "Awakening". Noemí García and choir.
12:00h- Closing of the event

The meeting will be attended by the different entities that make up the pact and their corresponding representatives (in alphabetical order): Archbishopric of Madrid; Madrid Bar Association; Official Association of Psychologists of Madrid; Islamic Commission of Spain; Council of Victims of Hate Crimes and Discrimination; Coordinator of Development Cooperation Organisations; Crue Spanish Universities; Diaconia Spain; Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain; Federation of Evangelical Religious Entities of Spain; Movement against Intolerance; Third Sector Platform.

About the Pact of Coexistence

Pacto de convivencia is a platform made up of representatives of institutions and significant groups from civil society, with an inclusive will, constituted with the aim of reaching a consensus and implementing proposals aimed at strengthening us as a society in the face of the growing radicalisation process. It constitutes an unprecedented meeting space in Spain with the aim of designing joint lines of action in preventive ethics to strengthen us as a civil society in coexistence, peace and reconciliation, and especially in the prevention of violent radicalisation.

For more information:
Tel. 671205157 (Ana Ruiz, Coordinator of the Pact for Coexistence)
Communication offices of each member institution of the Pact of Coexistence


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