"To talk about challenges, conflicts and rights in the digital environment is to analyse how our future and that of the next generations is being shaped. Digital society replicates all of analogue life. Therefore, if we have needed coexistence pacts to regulate our physical life, it is urgent to generate coexistence pacts to regulate our digital life".

This is just one of the conclusions of the training session held on 9 February. We had the expert Susana de la Sierra and the collaboration of the Gabeiras Foundation. It was two hours of intense joint reflection on the rise of Artificial Intelligence systems, the challenges and risks they may pose to citizens' rights and how the different regulations are being designed in Spain and Europe. Given the interest of the subject, all the entities present expressed their interest in developing a specific work agenda on these issues.

Poster of the seminar by Susana de la Sierra

If you would like to know the conclusions of the seminar, please contact us and we will send them to you.

In January 2023 we launch the next training action: The challenge of "Rethinking our digital life". If you want to participate, click here.

Pact of Coexistence 2020
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